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Go Errcheck

Sunday, 19 Dec 2021 Tags: error checkerror handlinggolang

Today i learned on go-errcheck. This small utility is quite handy to check unchecked error handling in our code. I found out this tool when refreshing my Go lesson on Learning Go With Tests during error handling chapter.


go-errcheck need go 1.12 or newer.

Installation on go <= 1.17 go get -u

Installation on go >= 1.17 go install

If you are using asdf as package manager like me, don’t forget to add your $GOROOT/bin into the path export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.asdf/installs/golang/1.17.2/packages/bin


Check current directory errcheck .

Check all packages beneath current directory errcheck all

Check package of interest errcheck

If there is unhandled error, it will reporting back to you wallet_test.go:17:18: wallet.Withdraw(Bitcoin(10))