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GitHub Operation via SSH

Saturday, 16 Jul 2022 Tags: githubinternet problemssh

At about several weeks ago, another ISP (Biznet) just expand their service into my housing area. It service definitely better and faster than that regular state owned ISP (aka IndhiHome) So, i decided to subscribed to them and do load balance on my home Mikrotik gateway. IndiHome become my secondary gateway

I also upgraded my home WiFi from 802.11ac to 802.11ax.

Several day after that, i start experiencing hiccup on my git operation to GitHub. I didn’t find out what the exact cause, but my git operation were using Git+SSH into GitHub.

Today i learned on go-errcheck. This small utility is quite handy to check unchecked error handling in our code. I found out this tool when refreshing my Go lesson on Learning Go With Tests during error handling chapter.

Solution Notes

From this stackoverflow thread, ssh client should be set into using port 443. And, mostly my problem are gone after this.

cat /etc/ssh/ssh_config

  Port 443
  User git
  TCPKeepAlive yes